Added new Xoops theme and edits

Well over the past week or so I have added or edited quite a few downloads and articles (most of the article work I have done has been moving them to the downloads). Some of the downloads I have added are

Mooby With Cheese
Unicron unicron.png
Transformers Covers From Marvel Comics
Nails Cigarettes
Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber
A day in the life of Calvin
Hosties Cereal Box
Macross Perfect Memory Poster
Ravenloft Maps
RPG Icons
Element Icons or spheres
PHPbb Buttons
Alignment Icons
LXC Card
Uncanny XMen Comic Covers
Ultimate XMen Comic Covers
XMen Comic Covers
Emma Frost Comic Covers
Wolverine Comic Covers
Transformers Covers From DW Comic Covers
Xoops Templetes Edits
Subsilver Theme for Xoops

I have edited the animated Marvel/Capcom gif’s downloads as well

Any comments would be appeciated

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