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Archive for June, 2006

RPG Class Sprites

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

I have slaved for 4 days for these 🙁 but here they are sprites galor!!!

Click me to go to the Download!!!!

Archer 1 Archer  2 Archer  3 Ranger 1 Ranger 2 Ranger 3 Barbarian 1 Barbarian 2 Barbarian 3 Fighter 1 Fighter 2 Fighter 3 Knight 1 Knight 2 Knight 3 Black Knight 1 Black Knight 2 Black Knight 3 Slayer 1 Slayer 2 Slayer 3 Thief 1 Thief 2 Thief 3 Swashbuckler 1 Swashbuckler 2 Swashbuckler 3 Cleric 1 Cleric 2 Cleric 3 Bard 1 Bard 2 Bard 3 Monk 1 Monk 2 Monk 3 Mage 1 Mage 2 Mage 3 Summoner 1 Summoner 3 Summoner 2 Necromancer 1 Necromancer 2 Necromancer 3 Martial Artist 1 Martial Artist 2 Martial Artist 3 Ninja 1 Ninja 2 Ninja 3 Samaurai 1 Samaurai 2 Samaurai 3 Royalty Homeless Town Official Tailor Carpenter Merchant Blacksmith Demon Angel Ghost God Immortal 1 Immortal 2 Immortal 3 Immortal 4

Reward Icons

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Cups, Ribbons and Stars!!!!!!

Click me to go to the Download!!!!

Award Award Award Award

Award Award Award Award Award AwardAward Purple Ribbon Gold Ribbon Silver Ribbon Bronze Ribbon Copper Ribbon Black Ribbon Parchment Ribbon

Award Award Award Award


Thursday, June 15th, 2006

An entire set of Ipod Icons!

Click me to go to the Download!!!!

Ipod Generation 1 and 2 Ipod Generation 3 Ipod Generation 4 U2 Ipod Ipod Video Ipod Video Ipod Mini Ipod Mini Ipod Mini Ipod Mini Ipod Mini Ipod Shuffle Ipod Nano Ipod Nano Ipod Video (Full Screen) Ipod Video (Full Screen)

Random Pixel art 6-13-06

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

Added the RPG Place markers to the downloads a few days back

Added a Waterfall Marker to the downloads today
Waterfall Marker

I colored these 2 and animated the Brain

Brain from Pinky and the Brain

The Brain

Linkfrom the Zelda series


And I updated my Camera Icon

Camera Icon

RPG Map Markers

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

I redesigned the base and made a few more. Here are all of them together.
Castle Tower Village Dungeon Temple Church Palace Dark Tower Eye of Sauron



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